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Purchasing An Armchair: The Essential Guide

The armchair is the centerpiece of your home and should express your personality. When buying this piece of furniture, you must be consciousĀ that the armchair is not just another piece of furniture, it is a statement piece that is an extension of your individualism. As we know furniture tends to be personal and therefore choosing the right piece will reflect on you as an individual and at the same time create the right ambiance in your home for your family, guests and you.

Traditionally the arm chair is an item most commonly found in the lounge or living room area of your home, however the trend of recent has been to incorporate these furniture items as “feature chairs” into other rooms in the house; hallway, dinning room, bedroom and some people using armchairs even in bathrooms.

New sofas and armchairs do not come cheap and therefore you want to make sure you make the right decision. An armchair is a piece of furniture to be enjoyed and cared for over the years and therefore you want to take the time to do research to find the best one that suits you and your home.

Firstly, we need to look at the different types of arm chairs available, from shape, size, material and lastly to cost to see which one would suit you the best.

Different Types Of Armchairs

There are a variety of different types of arm and lounge chairs to suit all styles, rooms and personalities.

Tub Chairs – These chairs are more modern and sleek, generally small and used in smaller room settings. The great thing about these chairs is that the back is curved to support the back for long periods of sitting.

Armchairs – As the name dictates these traditional chairs have arm rests, with high backs and are usually used in a room setting to add a touch of old style class in a contrasting modern home.

Wingback – These glamorous chairs have a high back and a “wing like” effect surrounding the back of the chair pulling forward to shelter you in the seat. These chairs are timeless and hearken back to the opulent design period of 1920s art deco.

Recliner – As the name also suggests these chairs offer a raised foot-stall part of the armchair that comes up so you can literally “put your feet up”.

Armchair Shape, Style & Size

The traditional armchair shape and size is relatively the same throughout however there are key differences in style that need to be taken into consideration when buying a new armchair.

Size: Pick The Right One For Your Room Size

Choosing a piece of furniture that is too big or small for your room is a bit interior design no-no. You need to make sure you pick an armchair that is in proportion to the size of the room and the ceiling height. There are many guides on room measurement, the best one we have found is here at eBay.

Style: Which Armchair Suits Me?

As with anything style is down to the personal taste of the home owner, what we necessarily like our neighbours, friends and family may hate. This is why when choosing an armchair it is a good idea to look at as many different styles and varieties as possible.

There are so many types of armchair and styles to explore, from the types we have mentioned above to traditional, contemporary, high back, low back, curved, straight, fabric styles etc.. The days of just buying one type of leather armchair are long gone, be creative with your choice.

Once you have chosen your style the next decisions to make is, what framing do I pick? Faux or real leather? Will a fabric one suit my home better and do I choose a block colour or pattern for my next armchair.

These questions and more will be discussed and answered further in part 2 of the armchair buying guide. For more information on armchairs visitĀ Leather & Fabric Armchairs | Occasional Chairs |

Until then check out this video from M&S on measuring your room for your sofa (same applies for your armchair).